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30% of the population has mental health problems after a hurricane.
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Living in the Caribbean is exceptional as well as challenging

The islands being in the hurricane prone zone creates the yearly threat of potentially natural disasters: hurricanes. Causing uncertainty and possibly triggering bad memories.

The sensation of tension, fear or other stress related symptoms is normal, considering these circumstances we live under part of the year.

Research shows that the experience of a natural disaster is the cause of mental health issues afterwards. Statistics show that an average of about 30% of the population of an affected area reports mental health issues or even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms after the experiencing of a severe hurricane.

Most existing preparedness programs have their focus on the practical preparation

Inspired by the preventive effects on mental healthcare needs, MCA developed a hurricane preparedness program about mental preparedness and makes it freely available for the persons and communities living in a hurricane zone to benefit from.

Joining this program can lessen the chance to develop mental health issues and is helpful building resilience.

The session gives insight in how our mind reacts and the information can result in feeling more empowered and able to cope with difficult situations in life in general.

Research also shows that persons who have prepared themselves mentally to the reality of living in a hurricane belt and actively took part in mental preparations programs have lesser chance of developing mental health issues or PTSD afterwards.

Remember every person is different and every person experience difficult situations in their own way

The reality of dealing with hurricanes and living in a hurricane belt is reportedly stressful for more than 99% of the population. Whether you start to feel the stress already with the arriving of the hurricane season itself, or only become worried when a severe system is threatening landfall at your shores, no matter which way and level for you, it is common to experience some level of stress.

It is our almost automated reaction to stress and that we do NOT want to feel a certain way that gets the mind entangled in resisting and trying to fix a situation that is beyond our control. Instead of getting entangled, the session will assist to make you aware of how you feel and to be ok with it and to gain insight in the mind and techniques to apply.

Free online session

The mental preparedness techniques and insights has proven effective and a calmer and more empowered sense of dealing with hurricane stress is noticed.

We look forward to welcoming you in the session online, which you can join and watch at your own convenience.

Miranda Veltman

Mental Health Care Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer

Carmencita Chemont

Mental Health Care Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer

Alexandra van Luijken

Developmental Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer

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