Individual Packages


With a combined more than sixty years experience MCA’s registered mental healthcare professionals and mindfulness trainers are able to offer you guidance and support to reach your Mindful change. 

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Be Mindful About Yourself

Plan a free intake sessions with one of our coaches to discuss what you need to make that Mindful change in your life.

Mindfulness Courses

“Being able to bring direct, open-hearted awareness to what you are doing while you are doing it; being able to tune in to what is going on in your mind and body and in the outside world, moment by moment”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness Basic (online)

The Mindfulness course is an 8-week group training combining meditation techniques with psycho-education to improve a person’s capacity to manage stress, reduce the impact of physical and psychological symptoms, and maximize the ability to thrive through all of life circumstances.

  • 8 x 2,5 hour online classes
  • 1 guided half day retreat
  • 20-40 minutes daily home-practice and awareness exercises.

Core skills taught will focus on perceptions, unhelpful thought patterns and understanding and adjusting ones reactions to stress and bringing attention to internal states and sensations with the help of meditation practices. 

Mindfulness Advanced (online)

As your journey in the 8-week mindfulness program might have shown you, mindfulness is not a method, but becomes a lifestyle. To cultivate this lifestyle, MCA invites you to your continuing life changing journey by this follow up, advanced Mindfulness course. While exploring the step by step follow up program. This program guides you on a deeper level to connect to cultivate mindfulness in your life.

Compassion course (online)

The Mindfulness-Based Compassion course is an empirically-supported 8-week course designed to cultivate the skill of (self-)compassion. The course combines the skills of mindfulness and self-compassion to enhance our capacity for emotional wellbeing. For those who wish to learn how to deal in a healthy way with pain, stress or suffering, in whatever form it presents – physical, mental, emotional or relational. Those already familiar with mindfulness practice can deepen the healing effects of mindfulness with the help of this program, which offers exercises in cultivating compassion for ourselves and others.

Retreat Packages

Silence day (online) & Day Retreat

This is a very special opportunity to develop and improve your mindfulness both in and out of meditation, and to learn how to use mindfulness in everyday life. You will also experience the deep inner peace that comes from a concentrated mind.

This (silent) day retreat will include detailed instructions on training in mindfulness and different guided meditations. Our MCA Mindfulness coaches will help to lead the mind to a state of deep concentration and peace. The silence day retreat will be offered online at the moment.

The course includes from 9.00-12.00 guided meditations and moments of reflection. In the afternoon you continue the program individually and at 2.30 PM we close off with an inquiry. The regular day retreat will be offered on our beautiful, Mindful location at Seaside and includes refreshments and lunch.


8-week course Mindfulness
online now
50% discount
  • including
  • 1 silence day
8-week course Mindfulness Advanced

  • including
  • 1 silence day
8-week course Mindfulness-Based

  • including
  • 1 silence day
Silence Day
online now
50% discount
  • from 9 AM-3PM
Day Retreat

  • Refreshments &
  • Lunch included
Weekend & Week Retreats
  • Available Soon