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Mindful2Work is about…

…feeling and adjusting boundaries, accepting what is there, the balance between passion, ambition and self-care, and hereby we integrate the effective method of Mindfulness to tackle stress complaints. With our programs we strengthen the resilience, decisiveness, communication, trust and well-being of employees and employers. This will result in innovation, creativity, stability and reinforcement of the (management) teams.


A TeamMind program consists of (active) teambuilding days and coaching programs for staff and management. MCA will first have a conversation with management/HR to get an understanding of the specific and realistic intentions (goals) for this team and the organization in general.

The amount of teambuilding days depends on the status of the group and the intentions (goals) from management. MCA can also develop a program for a half day. The location can be at Seaside Nature Park or a location of your preference. At Seaside Nature Park you can order a lovely lunch and snacks for during the day. The location will provide water.

Management/HR will receive an evaluation report after several teambuilding days. The process will be evaluated by professionals and discussed with the management team. Depending on the type of package MCA can also offer coaching sessions with staff and management .

It has been advised to have teambuilding days on a regular basis to continue the positive process.

The groups-maximum is 100 people.


Living with hurricanes, disasters and emergencies

Life in the Caribbean is exceptional for it’s beauty and lifestyle. The geographical location being in a hurricane prone zone forms a challenge whereby yearly hurricane seasons and the threats and landfall of severe weather systems impacts daily life and livelihood. Sometimes experiencing these events can result into the development of psychological problems, including anxiety, depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Did you know that various research shows that approximately 30% of the persons that experience a natural disaster develop mental health problems or even a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD?

For prevention of mental problems due to natural disasters, MCA developed for your team the CalmMind workshop to be mentally prepared for hurricanes. It is recommended to offer this workshop yearly to you personnel. It’s a 3 hour workshop.

MCA also offers a 24 hours service named: Psychological First Aid (PFA). This service is an initial emergency response intervention with the goal to promote safety, stabilize staff and connect these individuals to help and resources available. The purpose of PFA is to assess the immediate concerns and needs of an individual in the aftermath of an emergency or disaster. It appears that immediate professional psychological response to emergencies improve recovery time and decrease numbers of employees that register for long term fall out and developing Acute Stress Disorder or PTSD. For this service MCA will be on call 24/7 for emergencies consultations with absolute priority for your community.

MCA also offers a screening program. MCA advises organizations with high stress exposure to screen their staff on their level of resilience. Depending on the results and the protocols available in your organization, different options for further guidance and training can be designed and applied. Options like individual coaching sessions or partaking in a Mindfulness training are readily available. 

“The Prosecutor’s Office Sint Maarten hires MCA each year to prepare our new employees for the impact of a storm at the beginning of the hurricane season. This session is highly appreciated”.


Most organizations are aware of the importance of their human capital and care about the wellbeing and development of their employees. Sparked by research reporting salutary effects of mindfulness, organizations turn to mindfulness programmes to tackle issues around employee health within increasingly demanding workplaces. Dot-com companies like Google and Yahoo were amongst the first to embrace mindfulness training and other organizations like Capital One, Nuffield Health, Telecom companies and Parliaments are following suit.

As one of the standard training packages available, MCA advises to all organizations to let all staff participate in the 8 week WorkingMind course based on the MBCT Mindfulness course.

Extensive scientific research into mindfulness training consistently reveals its effectiveness in enhancing health and wellbeing. Some of these benefits include:

Reductions in stress, anxiety, depression and exhaustion – and an increase in positive emotions, resilience and wellbeing.
A stronger immune system, helping you to fight off illness more effectively.
An increased capacity for focus, attention, learning, memory, creativity and concentration.
A greater ability to regulate your emotions and to feel kind and compassionate towards yourself and others.
Heightened self-confidence and assertiveness.
WorkingMind is an integrated mindfulness course for work. It is supporting health, presence and communication. And it’s strengthens resilience, concentration and happiness in working life.


Decades of research confirms that MBCT Mindfulness program is one of the most successful stress reduction programs available.

Mental health issues are now the leading cause of sick leave. For your personnel that is on sick-leave or has a high risk of getting out of balance this program will assist. According research staff sickness data identified very large reductions in days lost to sickness absence when the reason was mental health/stress. Well-designed trials have been published that show that mindfulness in the workplace is a promising area of investigation. The program will be an adjusted 8 week MBCT Mindfulness course which has the intention to make your personnel resilient again.


MCA also develops and offer workshops based on the intentions from the company. These tailor-fit workshops can be given “in house” or online. In a personal meeting, the bottlenecks or demands of your organization are assessed and based on this information a training-plan is designed.


21st Century working life demands ever greater output, to a higher standard, at lower cost and with tighter deadlines. Globalization and unprecedented change further add to the challenge. How can we meet these ever increasing demands without compromising health and well-being, for ourselves and for our staff?

Mindfulness has proven benefits in terms of both well-being and performance. In this training managers learn to:


  1. Give themselves an immediate boost in well-being and performance, whenever they need it;
  2. Cultivate the personal capacity for simultaneous well-being and performance;
  3. Manage staff in a time-efficient way builds well-being, engagement, awareness and capacity.

Mindfulness benefits include:

  1. Well-being: reduces stress, improves immune function, reduces blood pressure and increases enjoyment (both inside and outside of work).
  2. Cognitive: Mindfulness generates a clearer focus and the ability to sustain it for a longer period of time. It improves memory, boosts creative problem solving skills.
  3. Emotional: Mindfulness also boosts emotional awareness, emotional intelligence and relationship skills
  4. Organizational: Mindfulness also boosts engagement, satisfaction and decision-making
  5. Leadership: Mindful leaders produce improvement in performance, job satisfaction, psychological need satisfaction and organizational citizenship in their staff

Mindfulness is not about relaxation. It’s a clear presence of mind that helps you focus more effectively on what matters most. It helps to get more done, more easily, more effectively and more enjoyably.

LeadershipMind is an 8 week course where you as manager develop resilience, focus and emotional intelligence for your leadership.