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Working as healthcare professionals in the Caribbean, it is MCA’s mission to share professional expertise & assist people in navigating life’s challenges on the path towards a better one. MCA specializes in developing healthy lifestyle programs for individuals & businesses in the region through teambuilding, mindfulness and empowerment programs.

Become the Eye of the Hurricane in your life:

“It’s tough outside, let’s make the inside calm”

MCA Caribbean

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MCA is a partnership of three psychologists who are specialized in mindful approaches towards change. 

The logo of MCA symbolizes the attitudes that Mindfulness stands for. Non-judging, patience & trust as part of the methods that creates resilience by applying new coping strategies to approach challenges in life and work. 

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From Saturday the 4th of September 2021 a new 8 week Mindfulness course outdoors!

Every Sunday from the 5th of September 2021 a follow up course Mindfulness! Classes can also be booked separately!

Our Team

Having diverse lifestyles and backgrounds, our coaches are all different. All have in common being committed, inspirational, professional and connected with compassion. We work with openness to differences and leaning in to common grounds as a starting point for every journey towards change with our clients. 

Carmencita Chemont, Alexandra van Luijken & Miranda Veltman

MCA Caribbean

Founded in 2018 by three psychologists on Sint Maarten with decades of experience in mental health and certified as mindfulness trainers.

Caybay Road 64
Cay Bay, Sint Maarten

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“The prosecutor’s office Sint Maarten hires MCA each year to prepare our new employees for the impact of a storm at the beginning of the hurricane season. This session is highly appreciated”